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Report Partners - A Path to Excellence

At Report Partners, we view each assignment as a unique opportunity to walk a path with our clients. Every journey starts in a different place and has its own objective. Our job is to help clients achieve excellence. Whether we help develop an affirmative action program, assist with an OFCCP compliance review, evaluate an applicant tracking process, implement a career framework, update procedures or assist in many other ways, we start by understanding goals and partner with clients to achieve them.

Report Partners has been around since 2010 when we began offering affirmative action data analysis and reporting support. Bonnie Keppers joined the team in 2015 and began broadening tools and service offerings. We have successfully assisted with:

  • Affirmative Action Program (AAP) development, administration and training

  • Navigating and closing OFCCP compliance audits

  • Updating and enhancing record keeping and applicant tracking procedures

  • Writing clear job descriptions and developing career frameworks

  • Compensation structure and pay equity analyses

  • Workforce analytics and reporting

  • HR infrastructure and process evaluation and enhancement

  • Education, change management and capability building including development of diversity education tools

  • Strategic planning and organization development

We actively monitor trends and seek ways to increase the value of our tools and resources. We are excited about the network of experts we work with, people with great skills and who also share a passion for excellence!

Welcome to Report Partners, LLC and contact us any time for a free consultation! We look forward to meeting you!

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