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Affirmative Action Programs

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Fully compliant written affirmative action plans and program development

Workforce analysis, problem identification, pay equity review and trends

Diversity and inclusion program alignment

Education and support systems

Strategic planning and change management

Affirmative Action
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Written Affirmative Action Plans

EEO/AAP Goals and Alignment

Compliance Education

OFCCP Compliance Audits

Best-in-class Affirmative Action Programs

What distinguishes a written affirmative action plan from a best-in-class affirmative action program? 

A written affirmative action plan incorporates an employer's workforce representation data, selected employment statistics, and documentation of "action oriented programs" into a pre-formatted written report that complies with government regulations. 

A best-in-class affirmative action program uses the information contained within a written affirmative action plan to inform actions and return value to the business.

Report Partners provides the written plan and more. We present key findings in a user-friendly way, then help establish next steps.

The statistical complexity and dry nature of many affirmative action plans makes them unfriendly. Consequently, the following occur:

  • ​People feel the money, time and effort to create the plan documents is wasted

  • Worse, solvable problems remain hidden, leading to compliance findings and penalties in the event of an audit

  • Worse yet, valuable insights are never leveraged to business advantage

Report Partners helps federal and state contractors develop compliant written affirmative action plans at reasonable cost. We work with clients to understand business objectives and employment practices, gather required data and create a written plan that covers requirements. Since

Report Partners provides a full range of affirmative action program consulting services. We provide compliant written affirmative action plans and all required reports using a pain-free, customized approach. We meet clients where they're at and partner to achieve client objectives:

  • Fully compliant written affirmative action plan preparation (OFCCP required narrative and reports)

  • In-depth affirmative action plan review, identification of potential problem areas and risk mitigation

  • HR, supervisor and executive education

  • Successful OFCCP audit navigation

  • Process improvement

  • Strategic planning and program implementation

Practical solutions offered at reasonable cost. Report Partners takes pride in delivering high quality results every time.

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The data contained in an affirmative action plan provides demographic insights including turnover comparisons, demographic representation, hiring and promotional patterns, applicant trends and pay equity. This data can be sorted and evaluated by division, department, leadership area, location and other identifiers. Results can be summarized and presented in a way that helps inform leadership decision making and resource allocation.

Used with employee engagement survey results, affirmative action data insights can help organizations identify patterns and opportunity areas that complement and support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Observation: Leaders often need help understanding what's needed to establish and achieve realistic diversity and inclusion milestones. Outreach efforts, developing a more diverse talent pipeline and raising cultural competency takes time. Using a well developed affirmative action program over multiple periods adds discipline and provides tangible ways to track results.

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