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HR consulting services customized for your needs

Career Frameworks and Compensation

Support Employee Retention and Engagement

Job description review and updates

Career structures and development planning

Compensation structures and variable pay

Customized training and development

Survey research and compensation analysis 

Change management, learning, development and communication



Report Partners Career Framework.png

Job Descriptions, Job Structure, Variable & Base Pay Programs, Compensation Equity Analysis

Organizing well-written job descriptions into a clearly articulated career framework facilitates key talent management strategies . Report Partners helps with most aspects of career framework and compensation structure design, development, implementation, communication and administration, including objective evaluation, review and recommendation of third-party survey resources.

Example: An employee engagement survey indicated employees felt confused about their roles and concerned about career advancement opportunities. Report Partners helped the employer review and update job descriptions, re-articulate the career ladder, 

provide leadership education and strengthen internal development conversations with employees. Report Partners also assisted with a compensation review, market alignment and salary planning. Leadership appreciated the HR team's work to provide updated tools and resources that helped to improve the quality of discussions about roles, responsibilities, development opportunities and compensation.

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