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Business Analytic Services

Apply Business Analytics and strengthen decision making by maximizing data quality, support systems and reporting

Report Partners mines data, identifies  patterns, carefully evaluates complex information, presents for understanding and assists with process improvement.

  • Workforce analytics

  • Cultural survey analysis

  • Demographics

  • Data integrity and troubleshooting

  • Interpretation and reporting

  • Strategy and process improvement

Develop an AAP that meets OFCCP requirements and supports your diversity and inclusion objectives

The best way to survive an OFCCP audit is to know your data and present a clear picture of compliance. A well developed plan looks at opportunity areas and actions needed to advance goals.

  • Workforce representation viewed from multiple perspectives

  • Sourcing, hiring, development & retention results

  • Compensation equity

Employ a compensation structure that works as a cornerstone to support business effectiveness and cultural objectives.

Report Partners has extensive experience developing compensation frameworks,  analyzing competitiveness and administering programs.

  • Base compensation structure

  • Job descriptions

  • Career ladders

  • Survey selection and analysis

  • Variable pay

  • Communication

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